At Novell Ikebana, homes are designed to create room, for you to fill in with your lifestyle. This premium township includes some of the most intelligently constructed 2 BHK residential apartments in Neemrana. It is a story of how homes and spaces can flow seamlessly, and in the process, help shape smooth lives for its occupants.

The 2 BHK luxury apartments on offer here have set a high standard for other apartments, right at the outset. These 21st century abodes are more than just residential property. They are lifestyle statements. Balconies in every room give you multiple spots, where you can relax under the open sky. The large doors and windows let in for ample sunlight and breeze, which stream in to fill every inch of your own future ready luxury apartment in Neemrana.

The real intelligence is in the details, which turns your 2 BHK residential flats into a habitat for those who stay ahead of the times. Packed with modern features and even a utility balcony in the kitchen, these apartments epitomize space-efficiency. Making correct use of the available room is a way of life at these residential apartments and soon, will be a feature of your life too.

Novell Ikebana’s selection of 2 BHK residential apartments are meant to be versatile, ready to adapt to changing times and changing lifestyles. A young family would find as much joy and comfort in these residential flats in Neemrana, as a slightly older family, simply looking for a change of scene.

Here, even the tiniest of corners are turned into a useable area and every room into an open space within four walls. Because the value of a residential property lies in how beautifully it ages with time.

Your 2 BHK at Neemrana will remain timeless for generations to come.