Ikebana is the Japanese style of arranging flowers, an art where the diversity of the plant kingdom comes into play, manifesting itself in the inter-play of leaves and flowers. There is order in this geometry; a method to the art.

At Novell Ikebana, our canvas is a linear site, planned with high density square-ish towers, which are functional and equally open in approach. This straightforward form is layered with free flowing curves, edges which soften the sharpness. The curvaceous roof forms are a tribute to the large Peepul or Bargad tree canopies, providing heavy shade to man-made landscapes.

The roof canopies bring respite and relief to the terrace , which happens to be one long connected expanse, arranged in meandering walk-ways, shaded seating places, locations for congregation, meditation, yoga or leisurely strolls and chat sessions.

The Club is the cynosure of any residential development. We have placed it at the cross roads of the current and future development; it is meant to draw visitors in, instead of commanding. Like the rest of the residential complex, the club lets you enter without realizing you’ve arrived.

The curvilinear form is in resonance with the landscape, where outdoors gradually melt into indoors, softened and aided by a languid pool and entry puddle. Besides the multi-cuisine restaurant, party hall, Al-Fresco poolside dining, gymnasium et al, we also have the sprawling rooftop, for your special evening rendezvous.The laidback landscape is formal yet lazy; greens interspersed with tot-lots, fragrance gardens and activity zones. Here you experience the Japanese penchant for immaculate arrangements built into the spirit of design.

The drop-off zones of the towers are large and expansive with clear demarcation for vehicular and pedestrian traffic, leading into covered lobbies, waiting zones and light visitor handling areas.