Novell Ikebana – A testament of the perpetual union between man and nature… finding an expression in urban living.

Ikebana is the traditional Japanese art of arranging flowers. The philosophy behind it goes much deeper though, where the subtle aesthetics of the flower arrangement represents the eternal interaction between human life and nature.

Novell Ikebana is being created in the foothills of the Aravali range, in Neemrana. The epicenter of urban and industrial growth, and dotted with promises of stupendous growth; Neemrana is an ideal investment destination, even for those for whom the place is new.

Novell Ikebana nestles a small piece of nature within state of art urban architectural and living promises. Ikebana is a collection of a self-sustaining mini township that, has 684 apartments across 6 towers (as part of Phase 1) standing in the greens and world class amenities for you to spend time with your family in the lap of nature. Standing amidst the antiquated heritage of Neemrana Fort and the enviably modern factories at the nearby Special Industrial Zones, Novel Ikebana will be a timely reminder of a timeless truth; human life is transient. The only thing permanent about it is how we interact with our surroundings. For those who come from far and wide to make Novell Ikebana their home, it will be a chance to be part of something enduring and sophisticated; a destination which incorporates its natural surroundings and turns co-existence of the modern and the natural into an art form. Here’s a home, which brings natural splendor into your life; whether it means an abundantly sunlit home throughout the year or rooms oriented to catch the freshest breeze, or just efficiently designed spaces. Novell Ikebana, in fact, helps you make a home amidst all the grandeur of the great outdoors.

Novell Ikebana is thus destined to become a landmark in urban architectural and an example of a design philosophy, which draws on the ecologically aware ancient wisdoms to create contemporary homes; for a select few who will have the right of calling this transcending experience – Home.