From The Chairman's Desk

Mr. Praveen Aggarwal

“It has been a long and fascinating journey for Novell since it started its journey over 30 years ago. When Novell started building on its philosophy of providing homeowners the best in luxurious and spacious homes, the property industry was nowhere near as dynamic as it is today. Expectations were lower. But our challenge at Novell has been to raise expectations and surpass them, time and time again in course of delivering over 800 keys and marking our presence across 7 cities.
Though Novell’s guiding philosophy has always been to provide best-in-the-class homes, we realized it didn’t mean much till we managed to provide these advantages to our customers in a disciplined, time bound manner. This is why adherence to timeline and quality guidance have become the most critical parameter of our construction processes. At the same time, there is no letting up on the mandatory Environmental and Engineering safety requirements. We at Novell realize that when you want to be the best, there are absolutely no shortcuts.”

Our Mission

To introduce a new paradigm of living to the residents of Tier I & II cities of India which draws on the inherent advantages of natural surroundings in homes which are intuitively designed to provide homeowners with a great combination of modern and natural conveniences. At Novell, all our efforts will be channelled towards creating an environment conducive to fine living out of rustic locales, where urban planning is more about a union of a modern lifestyle and eco-friendly amenities.

Our Vision

Our mission is to design and create homes which set a new benchmark in high quality constructions and provide homeowners with an eclectic living experience. A part of our construction philosophy will revolve around efforts to culture and shape the surroundings of our homes into productive natural spaces, which complement and add to the modern amenities spread throughout our living spaces. We will also aim to accomplish all this and construct quality homes within the stipulated time.

Our Values

Our most important value is working to deliver the best quality constructed homes in the stipulated timeframe.

At Novell, we will also ensure that our customers face no issues when they move into homes built by us. We guarantee your satisfaction.

When executing projects, Novell also reaffirms that it will adhere to the strictest Engineering Safety & Environmental Protection standards.


  • ISO-9001-2008 Quality certified organization
  • ISO-14001 Environment Friendly certified organization
  • Member Indian Green Building Council
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